It's Cool To Be Green!

It's Cool To Be Green!

Posted by Matt C on 10th Jan 2022

The Most Eco-Friendly Cool Box Manufacturer On Earth!

Throughout our history we have tried to make life better! Even before being environmentally friendly was a thing, we were already innovating to reduce plastic waste in the 1960's via our REGRIND process.

Over the past decade we've been busy developing new manufacturing techniques and materials, as well as working with other Eco-friendly material innovators to lessen the impact of Igloo cool boxes on the environment and play our part in creating a greener world for everyone!

Igloo Recool Eco Friendly Biodegradable Cool Box

Igloo RECOOL - The Worlds First Biodegradable Cool Box

In 2019 the awesome Igloo RECOOL was launched following 5 years of product development. Manufactured using an innovative pulp material, the Igloo RECOOL is not only biodegradable, but also contains no man-made chemicals so if it ends up in landfill, it will completely break down as if it never existed! Great for use at festivals or day trips to the beach, the RECOOL can be re-used over and over again, making it truly earth friendly!

We only sell the Igloo RECOOL in our retail store in Wirral to lessen the impact on the environment from shipping, but it can be purchased in packs of 12

Igloo Thermecool Eco Friendly Cool Box Insulation

Igloo THERMECOOL Insulation

Since 2019 our US made cool boxes have changed to Igloo THERMECOOL insulation. This isn't just some fancy new brand name, it's a revolution! THERMECOOL insulation is 50x better for for the environment than US law requires! You can be proud that your THERMECOOL cool box is greener during both the production process, and also when it reaches the end of its life.

Keep an eye out for Igloo THERMECOOL insulation on the product page to identify if the cool box you are purchasing features this eco-friendly insulation.

Igloo REPREVE Maxcold Voyager Evergreen Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly Cool Bag

Igloo REPREVE Recycled Plastic Polyester Cool Bags

Launched in 2019, the Igloo REPREVE range of cool bags are manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. In 2019 and 2020, more than 660k recycled plastic bottles were used in the Igloo REPREVE range of eco-friendly cool bags. This is plastic that could have otherwise ended up in landfill or the sea!

You can purchase the Igloo REPREVE range of Eco-Friendly cool bags here

Igloo ECOCOOL Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly UK Cool Box

Igloo ECOCOOL, the Worlds First Cool Box made from Recycled Plastic!

There's no other cool box greener than our ECOCOOL cool boxes! Launched in 2021, the Igloo ECOCOOL range of cool boxes are the worlds first cool boxes manufactured using plastic from post-consumer waste, including yoghurt pots and plastic bottles, that could otherwise have ended up in landfill or the sea. Pair this with THERMECOOL insulation and these cool boxes are truly friends of the earth!

This game changer will be available in the UK soon, you can view the range of Igloo ECOCOOL cool boxes here!

Igloo ECOCOOL Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly UK Cool Box

The Eco Revolution Continues...

Despite the green Igloo revolution over the past 5 years, this is just the beginning!! Igloo will expand the eco-friendly product ranges, including the ECOCOOL and REPREVE lines of cool box and cool bag products, and continue to keep innovating with the goal of remaining the most eco-friendly cool box manufacturer on earth, and playing as big a part as possible in safeguarding the world for future generations!