Igloo ECOCOOL Little Playmate - Small Recycled Plastic Cool Box - Eco Green

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Igloo ECOCOOL Little Playmate Recycled Plastic Cool Box

With 6 litres capacity and a compact design, this is the first Igloo Playmate lunch cool box to be made using post-consumer recycled plastic! With it's eco-green colourway and featuring the iconic Igloo Playmate design, the Igloo ECOCOOL Little Playmate is perfect for use a school or work lunch box or even just a compact cool box.

  • 6 litre capacity
  • Classic Igloo Playmate design
  • Eco-green colourway
  • Igloo THERMECOOL eco-friendly insulation
  • Insulated body
  • Push button lid
  • Lid swings each side
  • Made in the USA


Igloo ECOCOOL Little Playmate Small Lunch Cool Box:

  • Model: Igloo ECOCOOL Little Playmate 
  • Model Number: 32786
  • Capacity: 6 Litres
  • SKU: IG32786